Nozbe Nozbe is a great GTD program that has a ot of features Nozbe  

Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk This is a great ToDo list program that can send you reminders. It has great integration with a number of web sites like Google Calendar, Jott, Dial2Do, You can maintain a number of lists and share them individually. There is a free version and a premium version.


MindMeister The best web based mind mapping applicaiton. It imports maps from Mindjet MindManager and allows for collaborating on mind maps. They have purchased an iPhone application and I’m looking forward to having them work that into their product offering.  


Aviary Aviary is a group of web based image editing tools. Really amazing what they have been able to do in a browser. Check it out. Aviary  


Evernote This has become my collection point for all those notes and pieces of information that get scattered in pockets and on Post-It Notes. They have clients for Windows, Mac, Phone, Iphone, Palm Pre, Balckberry, etc. They have a free version which will work great for most people but have […]