Audible Audible is one of my most used sites.  I have a subscription that lets me download audio books and play them on my computer or on my iPod.  Many other audio players are supported as well.  This is one of my most recommended sites.      

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Keep all of your appointments and important dates accessible from all of your devices.  It will send reminder emails and text messages and works really well on mobile phones.

Google Mail

Google Mail This is probably the best email client available on either desktop or web. You can access your GMail account using either. It has both a online and offline mode using Google Gears.  


Dial2Do Dial2Do allows you to text, email, twitter and send data to a variety of other web applications. It also lets you listen to your tweets, email and a variety of blogs and news.    

Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk This is a great ToDo list program that can send you reminders. It has great integration with a number of web sites like Google Calendar, Jott, Dial2Do, You can maintain a number of lists and share them individually. There is a free version and a premium version.


Evernote This has become my collection point for all those notes and pieces of information that get scattered in pockets and on Post-It Notes. They have clients for Windows, Mac, Phone, Iphone, Palm Pre, Balckberry, etc. They have a free version which will work great for most people but have […]